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IBM Analytics Licensing Update: FlexPoints – PMsquare Brief

In April IBM introduced a new program that streamlines licensing for IBM Analytics customers.  The FlexPoints program simplifies current perpetual based IBM licensing along three core platforms: Data Science and Business Analytics; Hybrid Data Management; and Unified Governance and Integration.  Within each platform customers can mix and match products according […]

Set goals

Tips for Career Success – 19: Set Goals and Self-Review

This is the second installment in a series I’m writing about career success.  Each month I am counting down my 20 tips for career success. This post covers Tip 19: Set Goals and Self-Review.  Please check back each month for additional tips and remember to leave your thoughts on each […]

Design Templates and Themes in Cognos

Design Templates and Themes in Cognos Analytics

Do you find yourself adding the same image or making the same formatting changes to all of your Cognos reports? Do the standard Cognos colors for lists and crosstabs not do it for you? Out of the box, you can use a set of standard templates and themes in Cognos […]

Improve data-level secuirty in cognos

Improve Data-level Security in Cognos Framework Manager Part II

In a previous article, we explained the process and general approach of implementing data-level security in your IBM Cognos BI environment which is absolutely important. However, the great drawback of this approach is the ongoing maintenance!  In this article, I will examine how to streamline and improve data-level security in […]

Tips for Career Success

20 Tips for Career Success

This is the first article in a series that will take you through my 20 tips for career success. Each month, I’ll be releasing a new tip.  Let’s start with what this article series is not: it is not all-encompassing.  Rather, this series is intended to be one person’s commentary […]

Data-Level Security Using Cognos Framework Manager

Data-Level Security Using Cognos Framework Manager Part I

Cognos Framework Manager (FM) is an essential part of using IBM Cognos Analytics. In addition to being the designated Business Intelligence (BI) modelling tool of the Cognos family, FM is where operators can implement data-level security.  Leveraging data-level security using Cognos Framework Manager is critical for organizations that need tailored […]