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Motio solutions augment IBM Cognos environments with everything you wish Cognos had – version control, release management, automated testing and more.

Cognos may be the premier enterprise analytics solution, but our wish list of new features is always a mile long. Whether its version control, the ability to restore deleted content, a more elegant migration solution or just help managing licenses and security roles, there’s a lot we’d like to see added to Cognos. In steps Motio, whose innovative suite of products extends the power of Cognos while making your environment easier to understand and manage so you can focus on what you do best – building the modern analytics environment your organization needs.

  • Motio CI: MotioCI augments IBM Cognos environments with version control, release management, and automated testing. MotioCI™ is the first and only life-cycle management system to truly support governance, risk management and compliance for IBM Cognos.
  • Motio PI: MotioPI empowers IBM Cognos administrators to more efficiently manage their BI environment’s components, users, content, schedules, and more.
  • Motio Vault: MotioVault is a special purpose archiving solution for the long term storage of Cognos BI outputs. It is designed to offload the burden of managing historical outputs from the Cognos Content Store, while still allowing consumers to view these outputs directly from Cognos Connection.
  • MotioCAP: MotioCAP allows IBM Cognos customers to leverage existing, proprietary security sources for Cognos authentication and authorization. Using the MotioCAP framework, you easily map Cognos authentication to external security sources such as relational databases, web-services, SAML, CAS, ClearTrust, SiteMinder, Tivoli, Peoplesoft, etc.
  • PersonaIQ: Persona IQ seamlessly transitions Cognos between external authentication sources WITHOUT changing CAMIDs. Persona also functions as a drop in replacement for Series 7 Access Manager, or a bridge to LDAP or Active Directory.

PMsquare’s consultants have deep expertise integrating Motio products into Cognos, and can help you understand how to best utilize the suite of powerful features that Motio provides.