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Apparo Fast Edit

Would you like to create Business Cases that are tailored to your divisional needs – within your IBM Cognos environment?

Fast Edit can help. This tool enables you to easily connect reporting and data entry. It is completely web-based, removing the requirement for additional applications to record data changes in the data warehouse, making it an easily scalable solution.

The tool is completely integrated into the IBM Cognos Environment and can be set up by any department. Fast Edit uses IBM Cognos Security and is so simple that a Power-User can work effectively with Fast Edit within a day.

Key features include:

  • Flexible and powerful report commentary
  • Master data management through web-based interface
  • Control of data quality
  • Spreadsheet import interface 
  • Uniform look and feel (integrated with IBM Cognos)
  • Protection from unauthorized changes
  • Simple user interface  

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