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Build confidence in Cognos and accelerate user adoption.

Thrive is an IBM certified solution that transforms your audit data into measurable and meaningful insights about your Cognos user community.



Get information about how your system is being used now AND in the past. You can see data from the past month and the past year. Know which Users, Reports, and Packages are the most/least active.

PMsquare Thrive - Metrics Dashboard
PMsquare Thrive - Date Range Group Range

User Adoption

The “User Adoption Dashboard” shows information about how your users are utilizing your environment. Keep track of who’s logged in and when. Know the month to month utilization trend of your users.

Advanced Detail Drills

Any Item on the report can be clicked on to get advanced details. Get in depth information about each User, Report, and Package. This uses advanced JavaScript to drill through in a custom window.

PMsquare Thrive - Environment Reporting
PMsquare Thrive - Utilities

Find the Source of the Problem

Thrive keeps track of what reports are failing, and who they’re failing for. See advanced details about what error messages each report and user is getting.


The built in ‘Help’ feature provides tooltips that describe the function of the report. This is a custom functionality built specifically for Thrive.

PMsquare Thrive - Environment Reporting II

Additional Information

Thrive is compatible with both Cognos 10 and Cognos Analytics. In most situations, installation takes only a few hours.

If you’re interested in getting Thrive for your organization, contact us using the following link: