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The PM2Plan solution is an integrated information management and business analytics solution.

The PM2Plan leverages expertise, industry knowledge and built in features from PMsquare’s implementations with clients across multiple industries and different sizes from mid-market to international enterprises.

PM2Plan is a fully integrated performance management solution for companies that covers everything from Data Integration and Data Management to standard planning and reporting requirements and more advanced predictive analytics. The solution includes financial, sales and operational capabilities such as Sales planning, OpEx planning, CapEx planning, Headcount planning, Supply Chain planning, service allocations, reporting dashboards and financial analytics including Profit & Loss, Cash Flow and Balance Sheets.

PM2Plan provides a re-usable solution with selectable modules for a single deployment in one country or for multi-region, multi-country deployments. The PM2Plan solution leverages our methodology and experience with customers including Boehringer, Sanofi, SDV and many more.

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