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Tips for Career Success

20 Tips for Career Success

This is the first article in a series that will take you through my 20 tips for career success. Each month, I’ll be releasing a new tip.  Let’s start with what this article series is not: it is not all-encompassing.  Rather, this series is intended to be one person’s commentary […]

Data-Level Security Using Cognos Framework Manager

Data-Level Security Using Cognos Framework Manager Part I

Cognos Framework Manager (FM) is an essential part of using IBM Cognos Analytics. In addition to being the designated Business Intelligence (BI) modelling tool of the Cognos family, FM is where operators can implement data-level security.  Leveraging data-level security using Cognos Framework Manager is critical for organizations that need tailored […]

Configure IIS in Cognos Analytics

Configure IIS in Cognos Analytics with an Automated Script

IIS in Cognos Analytics Configuring Internet Information Service (IIS) as the web server for Cognos Analytics has been a challenge since the initial release of 11.0.  IBM made changes between version 10 and 11 which caused the web server to function as a reverse proxy. This meant that additional rules […]

Think 2018 conference

What to Expect from IBM Think 2018

IBM is merging all of its major technology events into a first-of-its-kind conference and it’s almost here.  The IBM Think 2018 Conference is only a few weeks away (March 19 -22 in Las Vegas) and will be a gathering point for professionals from around the world to explore leading innovations […]

Cognos Tips – Using Text Variable on a Null/Missing Crosstab Value

The Problem: No Data in the Fact Cells A common requirement that I come across is to have 0 values render in crosstab cells where there is no data at that intersection of the column and row dimensional/attribute data.  This is especially common when the output to Excel (spreadsheetXML) is […]

Top analytics sessions at IBM Think

Top Analytics Sessions at IBM Think 2018

  IBM Think 2018 is a first-of-its-kind conference and it’s almost here.  IBM is merging all of the conferences, including World of Watson into a unified technology event.  So if you are looking for top analytics innovations and content – look no further.  IBM Think 2018 is the destination for […]