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Cognos 11.1 Cognos Analytics 11.1

Cognos 11.1 – Driven by AI

Cognos 11.1 is Here PMsquare is excited to announce the launch of a new version of Cognos, Cognos Analytics 11.1. Since late 2014, IBM’s Cognos Analytics and Watson Analytics have vied for attention in a crowded analytics marketplace. While ostensibly serving separate audiences and use cases, clients often wanted enterprise […]

Career Advice Be Punctual

Tips for Career Success – Tip 17: Be Punctual

Tip 17: Be Punctual I have always struggled with punctuality.  I am one of those people that will wait until the last possible minute to leave for something or complete building a major presentation the night before I am set to deliver it.  However, I know this is a negative […]

Drilldown Breadcrumbs in Cognos Analytics

Drilldown Breadcrumbs in Cognos Analytics

The drilldown techniques in Cognos are wonderful, click on a column or a row in a table, and you can drill down, and down, and down.  But drilling up doesn’t always work well, and sometimes you just want to go back directly to the top level.  Sadly Cognos doesn’t provide […]

Tips for Career Success – Tip 18: Dress to Impress

Tip 18: Dress to Impress This is the third installment in a series I’m writing about career success. Each month I am counting down my 20 tips for career success.  This article explores the importance of professional appearance and how it relates to career success.  In this article, we will […]

Cognos Security Smarts

Introduction Cognos comes with a lot of built-in groups and roles that are difficult to manage from a security standpoint and do not always cater to the needs of every organization.  PMsquare recommends an intersection approach of capabilities and functional group security to create a flexible and maintainable model for […]